Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Spinning, Fibre Arts. Founded by the former indie dyer, Countess Ablaze.

About Underground

Who we are

Founded by the former indie dyer, Countess Ablaze.

We are the wild ones, passionate about creating rebellious yarns on our own terms. We don't compromise on principles or style, we don't adhere to social media algorithms (you won't find us on there anymore), we don't give a fuck about who or what is popular in knitting and crochet and we turn down awards.

Our people are like you, rebellious, cheeky, on-the-nose, passionate about colour and desire the freedom to just be yourself.

Why You Should Join Us

Because this particular apocalypse is fucking exhausting and nobody should feel the need to stitch-solation if they don't want to. Have you seen the state of it out there? We have to stay two metres away from other people in person and people on the internet can't stop SCREECHING! Pour yourself a vodka and join us in here instead. The only screeching we're doing is "oooooh look at that FO!"

Share your yarn acquisitions, projects or just chat. You do not even need to be a consumer of our yarns. Some of my favourite emails over the years have been "Your colours aren't my cup of tea but I love what you do." If that's you, come on in too.

Everybody is welcome as long as you welcome everybody - it is really that simple.

Extra Groups Inside

Book Club - our themed book club kicked off in January 2021 with the theme "Book I've always wanted to read or re-read." My concentration is borked so we're all doing a metaphorical hand squeeze to cheer us through books.

KALs / CALs - knitalongs and crochetalongs. -Alongs in general.

The Underground Playbook - look. This place doesn't work like mainstream social media. You choose the content you see. Scary, right? I mean, we're not used to this anymore. We're used to the passivity of sitting back and looking at what content Zuckbot and Bezos throw at us. We've written a Playbook to guide you through Underground so it's not as scary as a tangled skein of yarn.

We also have more plans for groups and courses too.

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